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La Traviata: Sunday Opera

18 February 2017 Blog Of My Heart Shows

La Traviata: Sunday Opera

La Traviata

Of Guiseppe Verdi’s major works, La Traviata is probably his most well known. Set in the heart of Bourgeois 1853 Paris, this masterful work weaves the tale of love too pure to withstand reality, gossip, and intrigue.  Ever the champion of the underdog, Verdi’s lead is the irresistible Violetta a tragic figure who’s soaring Soprano is what gives this Opera it’s bite.  Recorded live in 2005 at the renown Salzburg Festival in Salzburg, Austria, the hometown of one Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the buzz about the production was more akin to a one-off Springsteen concert than a classical performance with tickets scalped in the thousands. And if you took at look at the video above you can see why. Even if you’re not a fan of Opera, you cannot deny the magnificence of the work.


I hope you tune in tomorrow for the debut of Sunday Opera with our presentation of La Traviata Sunday, February 19 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET


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